Vilaflor Trikes & Wine Tasting

Post by Karin Glass on Discover Tenerife Excursions Resort News - Published March 15th, 2021

A massive thank you to Ian & María @boom_trikes_tenerife 🙏👊🏻your tapas & wine 🍷tasting tour at @bodega1242 💫is awesome 👌🏼@pearlygreyoceanclub #Tenerife

Vilaflor wine tasting on trike tour!

If you are looking for something fun, different and memorable to do, then don’t look any further!

This exciting day out has something for everyone!

You are picked up at 11am by Boom Trikes Tenerife, Maria and Ian are just fabulous and so friendly and knowledgeable. I was really excited, as this was my first time on a Trike and it was really amazing from start to finish. I can only compare it to being on a boat, with the wind in your face and a feeling of utter freedom as you zoom along the roads, with gorgeous views in all directions. People stop and wave you on as you buzz past, making a memorable experience on its own.

But the trike was just the first part, we stopped at an incredible lookout area where Ian shared some of his interesting knowledge about our beautiful island and its history. This was really worthwhile.

We then stopped at an aloe vera shop, where the lady cut open an aloe plant and showed us which part of the plant is used for all their products. We then got to sample the products, which was fabulous, as I personally love aloe vera products.

After that, continued our journey up and up towards the lovely village of Vilaflor, which is the highest village in Tenerife.

The views are breath taking as you go further and further up the mountain.

We reached the Bodega and it is really authentic. Wooden barrels outside and a lovely cosy atmosphere inside. We were welcomed by the manager and we sat down and started the wine tasting. We were lucky enough to hear some of the locals playing their folk songs too.

We tasted 7 wines and 2 liqueurs, so 9 in total, so this is really worth it and it wasn’t just a small mouthful, he poured us a really good measure, so we got a great taste of each wine and left feeling very happy. J

Luckily we didn’t have to drive and had our chauffeurs to drive us home, that’s the best part!

We were served delicious tapas that complimented the various flavours of all the wines perfectly. Cheers from us!!!

After a little tour around the bodega, we mounted back on the trikes and enjoyed the ride back, looking at the impressionable scenery and feeling fabulous after an incredible day out.

Karin’s tips: You will go 1242 metres above sea level, hence the name of the Bodega, so take warm clothes and closed shoes if you have, as it may get a bit chilly up there and also when on the bike. Great to have a jacket with, but they do give you a jacket if you don’t have one, so don’t worry!