Show Apartment 402

Post by Dennis Markham on Resort Improvements Resort News - Published June 22nd, 2023

We are very excited to give you a preview of our first completed new show apartment. This new design style will be implemented throughout the resort over the next few years.

This fresh new look incorporates neutral colours and natural wood finishes, and we are delighted with results.

Our management team are currently putting together a provisional schedule for the project, which will be dependent on financial budgets, occupancy levels and maintenance team availability.

The first apartments to be upgraded will be those in the main hotel, as those apartments were the first to be upgraded on the last refurb project, and as such have the oldest soft furnishings and decoration.

As the project commences, we will work our way through the apartments in the main hotel, the S-level and then finally move onto the seafront S1 and S2 apartments.