Ingane Yami – Our involvement

Ingane Yami Children’s Village is the charity most close to our heart here at Pearly Grey and we are proud to say that for the past eleven years we have been actively supporting the incredible, and extremely important work that they do.

To learn more about the Pearly Grey & Ingane Yami partnership please visit our page on the Ingane Yami website.

Ingane Yami are a non-profit organisation established to help children affected by the growing AIDS crisis in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Their aim is to restore hope where innocent lives are rescued from rejection, abuse, abandonment and poverty. They provide a family environment where the children can feel safe, allowing them to thrive and realise their true potential.

The charity helps to give orphaned children as strong a chance in life as possible by providing them with a home in a loving, supportive environment. Each child lives in a home with five other children and a foster mother. In this special village they have access to a preschool and school where they receive an excellent education, a community centre, an office with support staff and a (soon to be built) clinic.

If you are interested in any of the fundraising events we have organised for the charity then please click here

To find out more about Ingane Yami please visit their official website

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