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Romeria de la Laguna

Our Reception Manager Gemma attended the “Romeria de la Laguna” this weekend in the North of our beautiful Island. This is the celebration of Saint Benito Abad. It is attended by many locals dressed in traditional costumes; they sing and dance folklore and hand out offerings from their brilliantly decorated bull driven wagons; offering gifts from their harvested production (wine, eggs, potatoes, gofio- milled roasted grains). The Pilgrimage of San Benito Abad is one of the most traditional and popular fiestas of the Canarian Archipelago. Its origin is to celebrate and pray to the Saint for his protection and his efforts to obtain a good harvest for the year to come.

This event is vibrant and colourful and an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about the Canarian culture.  This popular fiesta takes place on the second Sunday of July if you are fortunate enough to be here next year to participate. The pilgrims called Romeros are the true reflection of the lifestyle and  livelihood of the Guanches  – the aboriginals of the Canary Islands.

¡Viva San Benito!

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