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Post by Adam Barratt on Fun Events Resort News Staff Profiles - Published May 8th, 2019

Who are the people behind the smiles and the passing interactions you see and have every day? Not just their name or their job title, but who is the real person behind that facade?

With this project, that’s what we want to find out and share with the world. To delve a little deeper and let people into the world of those around them.

I’m sure many are familiar with Humans of New York (HONY) which has taken social media by storm over the last few years. This is of a very similar nature and inspired by Brandon Stanton and the fine folk he’s met along the way.

Here though, we’re jumping across the pond, over to Europe and down the coast of Africa… along to the Canary Islands. At least that’s where we’re starting, right here in the glorious Spanish island of Tenerife and the characters that dwell within.

The idea;

And more specifically, right here at your favourite haunt – Pearly Grey! The idea is to start here and roll it out to other hotels who might like the idea and the extra publicity. With social media and marketing being what it is, it’s less about selling directly and more about connections, engagements and a little bit of fun. This in turn leads to more interest and that can only be a good thing for any business or organisation wanting to be seen, enjoyed and boost profits.

We could call this Humans of the Canaries or Humans of Hotels… or perhaps another catchy title that fits the bill. The point is displaying a little more about those everyday characters that you pass by and perhaps don’t give much thought to, other than a quick hello and a thank you when getting a coffee, for example.

Talking of coffee, there’s one guy in particular I see when getting mine in the morning at Pearly Grey. I’m sure you know him well if you’ve ever stayed here – Luis! He was our pioneer and this is his dashing picture along with brief quote about him and his life.

“I love my job and am blessed to be part of a great team, living the dream. Having lived in the village most of my life – over 40 years now – my real freedom is when I’m out on my fishing boat… a true happy place!” Luis

“Nothing excites me more than changing nappies, cleaning paint off the walls and getting covered in homemade soup! Life in Tenerife couldn’t be better for me and my family – playing football with my boys, family days at the beach and the odd night out with the beautiful mother of my children, Alicia. Not to mention, waking up to blue skies, noisy kids and yogurt faces on a daily basis!” Asa

How it works;

Taking the photos, we have our Erasmus photographer extraordinaire – Alex. Then between myself and John Beckley, we’re gathering the quotes and putting the two together for a powerful punch.

We’re excited about this project and think it could add an extra dimension to any hotel and create community and good feeling amongst staff, guests, and casual onlookers.

Do get involved where you can as it’s sure to be a lot of fun and add a little bit of spark to your holiday, and get to know the people that serve you every day. And perhaps Luis will take you out on his fishing boat! 😉

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