The Pearly Grey Christmas 2018 Reverse Advent Calendar Initiative

Post by Simon Turkas on General Stuff Ingane Yami - Published December 22nd, 2018

Here at Pearly Grey the spirit of giving is built into the very ethos of our company and strongly supported by all of our team members and guests alike.

While of course we are committed to providing the best possible service and experience to our guests, and continually improving the Pearly Grey brand, our company has always stood for a lot more than this, such as commitment to supporting worthy causes. Christmas is a time of giving, care and pulling together as a community, so it is always the perfect opportunity to launch one of Pearly Grey’s many charitable efforts!

For Christmas 2018, our much loved head of reception Gemma Ellingsen decided to launch a reverse advent calendar initiative to help those within the local community most in need. E-mails were sent out to staff members and our guests told about this idea which was simple yet effective; during the days building up to Christmas the Pearly Grey staff and guests were encouraged to bring various types of food items to be donated just before Christmas.

We were all really happy to see the effort and support that our staff and guests put into this, as by the end we were able to fill many boxes with useful food items such as pasta, rice, cereal and  tinned goods. These will help prevent a number of individuals and families from going hungry during next year.

The local charities and people that we decided to distribute donations to were:

  • 6 families in need in south Tenerife connected by Pastor Bill Jeffery and his wife were each given hampers of food
  • 6 boxes of food were donated to the Noah’s Ark charity of the Callao Salvaje Community Church led by Pastor Ken Cumming
  • The town hall of Adeje food bank was given the remainder of the donated food to distribute to the local community

Once again a huge thank you to all of the Pearly Grey staff and guests who collaborated with your generous donations, the reverse advent calendar initiative led by Gemma was a super hit!

We feel it is extremely important to give back to both international charitable causes, such as with our annual support for Ingane Yami Children’s Village in South Africa and also local causes within Tenerife. This is an ethos that has been inspired by our company leadership and enthusiastically taken up by staff throughout the resort which really says so much about the wonderful people that work together here.

For anymore information about the charitable causes that we support here at Pearly Grey, feel free to contact us, or speak to one of our friendly reception staff members who will be happy to help.