Tenerife From Above With Helidreams

Post by Simon Turkas on Discover Tenerife Excursions - Published April 25th, 2017

Enjoy an Amazing Flight with Helidream Helicopters

Are you looking for something truly unique to try while you are on holiday here at Pearly Grey? If so, then we definitely recommend taking an incredible South coast helicopter air-tour with the excellent Helidream Helicopters. Tenerife has such an incredible landscape and from the air it is truly breathtaking!

When you arrive for your scheduled flight you may be feeling a little nervous, especially if, like for most people, this is your first time on a helicopter. These nerves will be quickly eased when you meet with the brilliant team that works for the company, including Luciano, the friendly  manager of the company, who is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

After meeting the Helidream team and watching a brief safety video, you will head to the helicopter, put on your headsets and be safely strapped in. Your safety is of the utmost importance to the crew, so everything is checked thoroughly and nothing rushed which will make you feel completely at ease. Your pilot turns on the ignition and lets the engine warm up. The rotor blades speed round and next thing you know the helicopter is lifting off from the ground!

Any last nerves you may still have immediately turn to excitement as the helicopter leaves the ground and you take off into the air from the helipad. It is so different from being on an ordinary commercial flight in a plane, offering an incredible rush of excitement and a totally different perspective, as you feel so close to the action.

Despite what you may have been expecting, the flight is not at all scary. Instead it offers a very smooth, scenic experience, with an incredible feeling as you soar through the sky, under the expert control of your pilot.  You also get an awesome rush of adrenaline as  the helicopter turns to circle around along the coast. Despite the incredible speed and height you will be travelling at, you never feel in any danger and can sit back and completely enjoy this thrilling ride.

On the South coast tour you will be able to marvel at a part of the island that may be familiar to you from the ground, but with a totally unique view. As you take off from the nearby Adeje heliport and head for the beautiful blue ocean, you will be in for a visual treat of sights. You will pass over the “Puertito” area, an area famous for sightings of turtles, continuing over the romantic fishing village of La Caleta and the gorgeous Golf Costa Adeje, one of the best known courses on the island. From here you will head over the spectacular resort area of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos where you will enjoy a perfect panoramic view of sparkling pools, tropical palm trees and beautiful beaches. Along the way you will also be able to take a incredible glimpse of the island’s most stunning canyons and other features of Tenerife’s amazing landscape with views of Teide in the background and the gorgeous blue ocean!

Tenerife is a wonderful place from any angle, but to get a true perspective of just how stunning this island really is, you really should take to the air on a Helidream’s flight. It is a must try, once in a lifetime experience that you won’t want to end! Make sure to get your cameras and phones at the ready as the photographic opportunities are awesome. The whole journey is brilliant for snapping that perfect Instagram shot that will be sure to make your friends and family back home jealous.

After the amazing coastal views, you head back to the heliport, where your pilot skilfully settles the helicopter back on the ground. Normal flight distance of the South Coast Tour is 20 Km. Your trip will also be filmed by the company Gopro’s onboard and there is the opportunity to purchase this footage so you can relive the memories later on.
Total Retail price: 98 € / pax including IGIC

Helidream Helicopters also offers a range of different services and fully customisable experiences:

* H.Adeje * La Caleta * Playa de las Américas * Playa de los Cristianos * Roque del Conde * Parques Acuáticos * Barranco del Infierno * Taucho
Total Retail price: 145 € / pax including IGIC

* H.Adeje * Playa San Juan * Alcalá * Puerto de los Gigantes * Acantilados de Los Gigantes * Santiago del Teide * Golf Buenavista
Total Retail price: 279 € / pax including IGIC

LOW ISLAND (85 km) (including lunch)
* H.Adeje * Playa San Juan * Alcalá * Puerto de los Gigantes * Acantilados de Los Gigantes * Santiago del Teide * Golf Buenavista
Total Retail price: 390 € / pax including IGIC * This price is valid for a minimum of 3 people.

* H.Adeje * Golf Costa Adeje * La Caleta * Playa San Juan * Alcalá * Puerto Santiago * Santiago del Teide * Vistas a Teno * Buenavista del Norte * Garachico 1 * Regreso por Corona Forestal 1 * Tamaimo 1 * Tejina
Total Retail price: 495 € / pax including IGIC * This price is valid for a minimum of 3 people.

There are a host of other options available with the company, including a Golf Sky Experience, Private Transfers, and the possibility of designing your own flight experience. The company offers a multitude of customisable experiences and is happy to accommodate a variety of different flight requirements to suit needs.

To book the South Coast Tour or any of the other excursions that Helidream Helicopters offers, simply speak to one of the reception team at Pearly Grey who can arrange this for you. For any additional information on different experiences with the company take a look at their extensive website: http://www.helidreamhelicopters.com/en/

You can also connect with the company via their social media channels: