Teide Stargazing Experience

Post by Simon Turkas on Discover Tenerife Excursions - Published August 22nd, 2016

Travel Tenerife Teide by night Mick CantIf the beauty of the stars at night leave you spell-bound, then the Teide Stargazing Experience with Travel Tenerife is an absolute must. Tenerife is one of the best places in the world to observe stunning celestial bodies in space, and the infinite universe surrounding our planet. Mount Teide is incredible at any time of the day but after the sun sets it is truly magical, as a sea of stars will stretch out above your head, right across the night sky.

The diversity of excursions and activities on offer in Tenerife is incredible. Within the same day you can literally be beneath the waves of the Atlantic ocean in a submarine, and then by evening travelling up Mount Teide to enjoy a unique stargazing experience. This was running through my mind as we were being transported in the Travel Tenerife vehicle, higher and higher up Teide, the highest point in Spain, and highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. We couldn’t have experienced anything as diverse unless we had been actually flying into space!

We were picked up from Pearly Grey Resort in the comfortable Travel Tenerife vehicle, and met our friendly guides Charles and Andrew, and other passengers who were eager to see the stars. Be warned, the drive up to your stargazing destination is windy, but it is absolutely worth it. Even before you reach the area where the telescopes are set up, you will experience some incredible views. We were lucky to see a stunning sunset, as the sky literally turned red and illuminated the Atlantic Ocean and the island of La Gomera.

Travel Tenerife Teide by Night by Charles (4)As we reached our stargazing destination, the night was upon us, and everything was dark apart from the car headlights and the stars above us. The temperature had dropped a lot because of the high altitude and time; Travel Tenerife has you covered though, as they supply thermal sweaters to keep you warm. After a short time setting up the telescopes, we were given a fascinating and entertaining talk about the planets, stars, galaxies, constellations and the universe. Charles really showed his passion for the subject of astronomy with a fun and informative lesson which was illustrated with a laser pointer used to point to stars in the night sky.

Travel Tenerife Teide by Night 03.09 (13)The Canary Islands are some of the best places in the world to view celestial bodies due to the extremely low light pollution, and this is even more so up Mount Teide. I was completely in awe at the vastness of space as I listened to this amazing astronomy lesson, viewed the stars and planets through the telescopes, and stared up at the infinite stars in the night sky. You absolutely must experience this excursion if you have even the slightest inkling of interest in space, as it will give you a real sense of wonder!

In addition to the amazing information, professional telescopes, transportation to and from your hotel, and warm clothing, there is also tea, coffee and cakes provided, and even a glass of champagne. This really is VIP treatment, from a very professional and exclusive travel company. There are also a variety of photos taken of the stars and also group shots, all of which are free to download from Travel Tenerife’s Facebook page. After being dropped off back at Pearly Grey later that night, I was very satisfied after such an amazing experience.

Duration: 5 hours

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

  • adults – 65€,

  • children up to 12 – 55€,

  • children up to 5 – no payment

You can book a place on this excursion directly from the Pearly Grey reception, but book early as places are limited!