Tai Chi with Peter Farthing

Post by Gemma Ellingsen on Gemma’s Blog Ingane Yami - Published February 13th, 2017

It always gives me great pleasure to give credit for the support and dedication of Pearly Grey owners using their own skills to raise funds for our Ingane Yami charity. On many occasions our owners surprise me with fantastic news and today is one of those days.

Peter Farthing was lucky enough to meet up with a group of other owners to share his love of Tai Chi. Back in 2016 he started a group and gave them all a taster session in his holiday time. To his surprise he happened to meet up with them again this year. Over a two week period they joined together for morning sessions and with Peter’s guidance and professional instruction enjoyed their daily Tai Chi group sessions in front of the ocean.

To quote Peter
We had a great time and I hope some of my teaching helped everyone to see and feel the benefits this Internal Martial Art of channelling energy. I have been a student of Tai Chi under my instructor Peter Parsons in Crawley for 10 years. I have immensely enjoyed giving back some of his knowledge to others whilst supporting a great cause.

Peters offered this group activity to our fellow guests without any charge, but unbeknown to him they had a whip around and raised €75 for our Ingane Yami charity in his honour. Well done and thank you to you all.

I am very proud of our owners here at Pearly Grey for embracing Ingane Yami.