Forestal Park Tenerife

Are You Ready for a Unique Adventure at Forestal Park Tenerife? Yes, we know you’re here for some much needed rest and relaxation. Well first of all, by picking a stay at Pearly Grey you’ve made a perfect choice. We have loads of sun lounges by our gorgeous pool, delicious meals and drinks at our […]

Post by Simon Turkas on Discover Tenerife Excursions - Published May 18th, 2017

Tenerife From Above With Helidreams

Enjoy an Amazing Flight with Helidream Helicopters Are you looking for something truly unique to try while you are on holiday here at Pearly Grey? If so, then we definitely recommend taking an incredible South coast helicopter air-tour with the excellent Helidream Helicopters. Tenerife has such an incredible landscape and from the air it is […]

Post by Simon Turkas on Discover Tenerife Excursions - Published April 25th, 2017

BBQ at Cho Pancho

PICNIC BARBECUE   A different day out   Discover Tenerife in less than 1 hour Pearly Grey Ocean Club to Cho Pancho Are you up for some recreation today? When was the last time you had a barbecue in the woods? Grab some marinated chicken and tasty burgers in Mercadona and drive up for some […]

Post by Rena Valatka on Discover Tenerife Excursions - Published December 8th, 2016