Sales team let loose on the golf course

Post by Guest Blogger on Fun Events Resort News - Published September 12th, 2014

A day of R&R is traditionally a fun event for the Sales Team (thanks to Jackie who came to up the numbers) and we didn’t let the side down this week when we all met for a Texas Scramble competition at Los Palos Golf Course.
For the majority of the team the only previous golf experience involved negotiating trap doors and clearing half a foot of water on the extreme crazy golf circuits so it was much like a sketch from the Benny Hill Show.

Had we received points for;

  • Lost balls – Jason and Stephen overall winners.
  • Least direction – Chris would have been the winner, but Jackie’s Boomerang shot landing back at her feet out did them all.
  • Missed shots – Justine providing the dying fly position on the main fairway was perhaps the funniest.

The teams could have been professionals..!!  

Team Tallis were the winners who received Tiaras (everyone is still questioning the integrity of the result!).

team tallis tallis the swinger
Second place Team Phil who had to wear Moustaches, with Denise looking like a relative of Super Mario Bros.

team phil 2 team phil
Third place went to Team Fidelma who looked wonderful in the hula hula grass skirts, even if Jason wasn’t sure which end was up.

team fidelma 3 team fidelma 2


A fab day out!