Pearly Grey Team To Visit Ingane Yami Village

Post by Simon Turkas on Featured Ingane Yami - Published January 13th, 2017

Right from the very beginning when James and Karen Beckley took charge as the principal developers at Pearly Grey Ocean Club Resort, they have had a strong ethical vision for the future. As opposed to many other business owners within the travel and tourism industry, they genuinely care for the welfare of the resort guests and staff. This is why Pearly Grey is so well-loved among both the owners and the amazing team that works here.

With James and his wife Karen’s vision and the amazing team they have built up over the years, the resort has grown into not only a great place to stay, but a fantastic part of the community. While the ethos of the resort has been excellent for many years, James and Karen have always wanted to give even more back and know that their owners do too. That is why for the last five years Pearly Grey has been supporting an amazing charity in South Africa called Ingane Yami Children’s Village. The work that the charity does is incredible and extremely important.

Ingane Yami is dedicated to helping the many children that have been left orphaned in South Africa due to the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS that has hit the country. James himself is from South Africa, so he has seen the tragedy that has hit the country from a firsthand perspective. The charity aims to give orphaned children as strong a chance in life as possible by giving them a home in a loving, supportive environment. Each child lives in a home with five other children and a foster mother. In this special village they have access to a preschool and school where they receive an excellent education, a community centre, an office with support staff and a (soon to be built) clinic. With the support of the Pearly Grey owners and staff, James and Karen have been able to realise their goal of making a real difference to children most in need.

To celebrate all of the hard work that the heads of department put into Pearly Grey and also supporting Ingane Yami Children’s Village, James and Karen have sponsored a team trip to South Africa! Many of the team have never been to South Africa and this will be an amazing opportunity for them to see in person where the money raised has been going. They will be visiting the Ingane Yami Children’s Village which is located close to Durban. While there they will see firsthand all the amazing work that the charity is undertaking and the real change that it is making to the lives of these previously orphaned children.

As well as visiting the charity, the Pearly Grey team will be taking some time out for other team building and cultural activities. This includes a safari to see the incredible wild animals that live in South Africa such as elephants, giraffes and lions, an exhilarating shark diving trip where they will come face to face with giant Great White Sharks and a sedate wine tasting tour in Stellenbosch, one of the most beautiful areas in the world. James and Karen are funding the whole trip to South Africa and all of these experiences to reward their team for all their hard work and to help further foster the emotional connection that the Pearly Grey team has with the Ingane Yami charity.

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As James Beckley has said:

“The whole team at Pearly Grey have been raising money for Ingane Yami. It was always a goal of ours to take the staff to South Africa to see the vital work that the charity is doing, in order to further strengthen the emotional connection we have with the charity.”

To find out more about Ingane Yami please visit their official website

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