Otelo Restaurant

Post by Dennis Markham on Fun Events General Stuff - Published September 25th, 2013

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Every Tuesday we organise an evening at the famous Otelo Restaurant in Adeje, commonly known as ‘The Chicken Shack’.

It’s a great night out and has proved very popular with our guests, every week we have sold out our table allocation.  If you want to sample this typical Canarian dining experience then we highly recommend it.

Otelo’s is set in the picturesque area of Barranco del Infierno, a popular hiking trail of great archaeological significance as it was home to the original habitants of the island, The Guanches.

The evening starts at 7pm when the coach arrives at Pearly Grey to ferry everyone up to Adeje.  At 7.30pm the waiters and waitresses are busy filling the tables with wine, water, a delicious tuna salad and of course the compulsory bread with mojo and aioli sauces.

As we all tuck in to the bounty of food a trio of Canarian musicians entertain us with a selection of guitar based vocal harmonies, setting the mood and providing a real taste of the Canarian culture.

Of course, with this being The Chicken Shack there are no prizes for guessing what the main course will be.  As the musicians continue to provide an ambient backdrop of music the tables are once again filled with baskets of mouth watering chicken, chips and Canarian potatoes (papas arrugadas).  There is something about the chicken at Otelo’s, I’m not sure what spices and seasonings they use to cook it, and I doubt they would divulge their secrets anyway.  But whatever they do makes their chicken ‘chickentastic’.
The evening rounds off with coffee, chupitos and good conversation, and you cannot help but appreciate the sunsets.

If you would like to make a booking for the Otelo Evening or you would like more information then please contact your sales rep or ask at reception.
Prices are €30 for adults and €18 for children (5-12 years old).