Freebird One Whale & Dolphin Watching Catamaran Excursion

Post by Simon Turkas on Discover Tenerife Excursions - Published September 21st, 2016

To catch our scheduled Catamaran Sailing excursion, we headed to Puerto Colón which is just a short drive south from Pearly Grey Resort. This trip is run by the Freebird One Sailing Company who have a modern fleet of Catamarans. I was really excited as we were set to see dolphins and whales in the wild aboard a luxury catamaran. The weather was absolutely perfect with barely any breeze, and a beautiful  blue sky. Even if you suffer from sea-sickness sometimes like me, on a day like this you will have absolutely no need to worry.

Freebird One (2)Captain Javier, and his friendly crew greeted us on-board the luxury Freebird One Catamaran, where we joined around twenty other people from many different nationalities. The catamaran definitely didn’t feel crowded though, as it is large and comfortable. The crew are also very accommodating and conversed with the guests in English, Spanish, French and German. We were all in good spirits as we headed from the port into the open water.

As we sailed away from the coast it was great to be able to switch off and completely enjoy the moment. Apart from my camera for photos, there were no modern distractions and no internet. As the sun shone down we glided effortlessly through the waves. The slight breeze out to sea felt great against my skin, as I imagined what it would be like to be a sailor setting sail. There were truly stunning views out to neighbouring La Gomera, and it felt completely relaxing looking out to the vast unending horizon, and then behind us beautiful Tenerife.

Freebird One (8)  Freebird One (6)

We were well catered for on-board as there were unlimited drinks provided with the ticket including juice, soft drinks,  beer, and water, and a tasty sandwich for lunch. Just as soon as I had started eating though, there began to be sightings of Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot Whales. To truly appreciate how beautiful these amazing mammals really are you have to see them in the wild. Seeing them swimming wild in their natural habitat really is one of those wow moments in life! When these beautiful creatures surfaced, everyone on board was excited.

Freebird One (3)Canarian waters are literally teeming with whales and dolphins, and the coast off of Tenerife is the best place in Europe to see these magnificent creatures. In fact it is one of the top three whale and dolphin watching destinations worldwide, so if you take one of these trips you are almost guaranteed to see Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot whales, and sometimes many other varieties including Sperm Whales and Killer Whales!

Overall this was an incredible excursion that you will absolutely love if you enjoy top quality service, beautiful sights, and incredible animals. There was even time for short swim to top it all off . After being under the warm sun, the dive into the sea was wonderfully refreshing. Everyone arrived back to the harbour tanned and in great spirits with some magnificent memories.

To book a place on this excursion just come and speak to any of the friendly reception team at Pearly Grey, who will be happy to do this for you.

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