Breakfast at Villa Cortes

Post by Guest Blogger on Fun Events General Stuff - Published November 19th, 2014

Despite all difficulties we made it this year and it deserves a good celebration…. So the Admin Team enjoyed a beautiful breakfast in Villa Cortes Hotel, Las Americas.
Our table was placed in a gorgeous and colourful Mexican style patio. Our admin team is made of eight nationalities and you could see the cultural mark by the food that each person has chosen.
Spanish, English, Italian, French, Romanian, Argentinian, Venezuelan, Swedish…….. We all have something in common…. We like food!
We had delicious and very abundant choices: fruits, ham, cheese, omelettes, pastries, bread, cereals……. And the most important thing, we had a good laugh and enjoyed a beautiful morning.

We had a tour around the Hotel, and it was really tempting to sunbathe next to the swimming pool listening to the sea…. But we had something more important to do…. Coming back to work!

The gem of the day was Lily……. While we were all having breakfast at Villa Cortes Hotel, she was waiting for us at Bahia del Duque Hotel fighting with receptionists and restaurant managers pushing to let her in as according to her there was a reservation for Pearly Grey!  She is still dreaming with the chocolate fountain! OH Lily… thank God you managed to join us.

Thank you admin team for a very good year.
You are excellent workers and above all beautiful people I enjoy working with every day,